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NEXTNiagara group photo 
back row - Scott R, Mario, Mike, Dave, Scott G, Jordan, Eric, Josh
front row - Jessica, Corrina, Kristen, Meaghan, Carrie, Rachel
Kelly Bradbury and Stephanie Harper are absent


NEXTNiagara is the voice of the emerging generation in Niagara. As an initiative led by a panel of emerging generation community leaders from across the region, we are committed to seeing Niagara grow as a vibrant, prosperous community where the next generation can live, work & STAY.

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Our strategic pillars are:

1.     Engagement

  • Connecting the emerging generation to learning, community and career opportunities in Niagara
  • Fostering greater community involvement by mobilizing the emerging generation to be active in their community
  • Providing the emerging generation with opportunities to build their contacts in the community
  • Distributing information to the emerging generation in Niagara


2.     Leadership

  • Facilitating greater participation of the emerging generation in leadership roles in the community through representation on committees, boards and community organizations
  • Actively promoting leadership among the emerging generation through learning opportunities and mentorship
  • Providing the emerging generation with the opportunity to dialogue with community leaders through speakers series’ and other events to promote community leadership


3.     Advocacy

  • Promoting issues of importance to the emerging generation to government, business, and the community at large
  • Advocating on behalf of the emerging generation in Niagara
  • Developing ways to cultivate and retain young talent
  • Building the profile of NEXTNiagara, as a representative of the emerging generation at local municipal councils and business communities in Niagara


Follow us on Twitter @NEXTNiagara  

‘Like’ us on Facebook- www.facebook.com/nextniagara


NEXTNiagara was formed in 2011 with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation founding partner Niagara Workforce Planning Board. Our Steering Committee included representatives from YMCA of Niagara, the Business Education Council of Niagara, Niagara Region, Brock University, Niagara College, District School Board of Niagara , Niagara Catholic District School Board and Counseil Scolaire Viamonde.

We surveyed over 800 youth with ties to Niagara to get feedback about their perceptions of our region; the meaning of community; thoughts on sustainability, and future opportunities. The findings were presented at the My Future Niagara Summit in October 2011 where over 200 current and future leaders connected in constructive dialogue about the direction of the region, and guided us in developing our strategy.

In 2012, we joined forces with the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce. As a follow up to the Niagara Economic Summit, GNCC released the draft report: Engaging Young Professionals.

Contact us at: NEXTNiagara@gncc.ca



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